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"On behalf of the Criminal Trial Lawyers Association of Northern California, please
accept my deepest appreciation for the informative presentation you provided at our January,
2011meeting. Our members are very interested in your views about the latest legal and
substance abuse concerns that impact so many of our clients.

"Because of your unique expertise within both the legal and medical professions, you have given us a global perspective about the inter-relationship of both at this critical time in America's criminal justice system. Thank you again for kicking off 2011 as our keynote speaker. CTLA of Northern
California looks forward to continuing our most favorable relationship with you and hope you
will join us again during future association educational sessions.

Harris B. Taback
Criminal Trial Lawyers Association of Northern California


"Thank you so much for your testimony and hard work on this case. You did an excellent job. I know that the jury appreciated your professionalism and the breadth of your knowledge."

Heather R. Rogers
Deputy Public Defender
County of Monterey
Salinas, CA


"I wanted to contact you directly and commend you on your editorial piece ‘Kids' latest aerosol of choice' published in today’s San Francisco Chronicle. It is a rarity to find a journalistic work addressing the issues of inhalant abuse; not to mention one that is accurately written and well researched. I found your article extremely enlightening, expressive and most importantly; relevant. Inhalant abuse remains a muffled reality to most Americans who are either unfamiliar, ignorant, or misinformed as to the symptoms, effects, and dangers related to inhalant addiction.

More specifically I wanted thank you for your 'inhalant expose' on behalf of ACE - the Alliance for Consumer Education; a non profit organization I work for; committed to raising awareness of inhalant abuse through education, communication, outreach, and prevention. Again, thank you for your efforts in the fight to eradicate inhalant abuse."

To learn more about ACE’s inhalant initiative and outreach efforts be sure to visit us online at www.Inhalant.org.

Alyssa Jones
Alliance for Consumer Education